What is the Haunted Hornet?
-The Haunted Hornet is a high impact, actor driven haunted attraction located on board the Historic aircraft carrier USS Hornet. In 1975, 5 years after being decommissioned, the USS Hornet was modified to undergo a top secret mission to the Bermuda Triangle. After six months at sea, they finally found…something. What they found wreaked havoc on the ship and her instruments, so the mission was scrubbed and Hornet returned to her decommissioned status here at Alameda Point. Only now have we been able to access areas of the ship that were affected. What did they find? Where did it come from? Come see for yourself onboard Haunted Hornet! What was the aircraft carrier USS Hornet?
- The aircraft carrier USS Hornet is a national treasure, having participated in two of the greatest events of the 20th century — World War II and the Apollo 11 manned space mission, when the first humans in the history of mankind set foot upon the moon. The Hornet was decommissioned on the 26th of June 1970.
In October 1998, the ship was opened to the public as The USS Hornet Sea, Air & Space Museum and moored at the former Naval Air Station Alameda (currently known as Alameda Point) on San Francisco Bay. She is a registered State and National Historic Landmark and is not funded by any governmental agency. A portion of our ticket sales goes back to The USS Hornet Sea, Air & Space Museum to help refurbish and repair the ship.

Where are you located?
-Located on board the historic USS Hornet Aircraft Carrier 707 West Hornet Ave.
Pier 3 Alameda, CA 94501

What are the hours of operation?
October 8th - October 31st 2016
Fridays & Saturdays - 7pm-12am
Sundays - 7pm-11pm

*We are closed Monday-Thursday*

What are the prices for the attractions?
- SAVE MONEY and come early in October! Haunted Hornet tickets are $30 for the weeks of October 8th - October 22nd.
Prices then increase to $35 for October 23rd - October 31st.

Are Credit Cards Accepted?
- We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express on our online ticketing page.

Can I buy tickets in advance?
-Yes, click the “Buy Tickets” link at the top right of the page.

Do you do group sales?
-Yes! We offer discounts for groups bringing in 12 or more people! Please email TICKET SALES for more information!

Is there parking?
-Yes, and it is FREE! There is plenty of free parking across the street, adjacent to the ship. Please note, there is no parking on the pier.

Are there “ins and outs”, or can I use my ticket more than once?
-No, there are no ins and outs, and you may only do the events once per purchased ticket. However, you can purchase another ticket if you would like to walk through the attractions again.

Do you have security at your event?
-Yes. We have USS Hornet security personnel staffing the event. 

Can I be injured at this event?
-If you follow the posted rules and listen to the instructions given to you by the staff you will not be injured! Running is the main cause of minor injuries, so DO NOT RUN INSIDE THE EVENT, especially on the lower decks. FOR YOUR SAFETY: Be exceptionally careful on all ladders and hold onto ladder rails with both hands. Beware of Low Overheads and Knee-Knockers (door thresholds). Please make sure you wear the appropriate footwear as to avoid any injury; high heels and flip flops are NOT permitted for this event. Anyone with bare feet will not be allowed inside the event.

What things are not allowed inside the event?

-NO pets! NO weapons! NO lighters, laser pointers or flashlights! NO outside food, drinks or alcoholic beverages of any kind are allowed on the premises. NO smoking is permitted inside the event or buildings. Cameras or flash photography of any kind is NOT allowed inside any of the events at any time. Also, NO BABIES or children being carried though! For your safety and security, and in accordance with the USS Hornet Museum, we ask that ALL BAGS BE UNDER 12” x 8” x 12” (i.e.: camera bags, large totes, ladies purses and infant carriers). *Vandalism or defacement of any nature is subject to prosecution.*

Can I be thrown out of the events for any reason?
-YES! We do not permit aggressive or vulgar behavior towards our staff or other customers at any time. Smoking and the drinking of alcoholic beverages inside out event is strictly prohibited and grounds for immediate removal. No weapons of any kind are allowed on site. We reserve the right to remove any patron from the event if we feel it is necessary. THIS IS A LIVE SHIP! Do not touch any controls and switches. Do not cross any chain or open any closed doors.

How long does it take?
-The event will take you approximately 20-30 minutes to walk through. This is not a tour so you will not have a “guide”, and you must walk on your own.

Are the characters allowed to touch you?
-While the monsters will not touch, grab or push you, they may get very, very close. You may brush up against their costumes and some of the sets. We can’t say that the members in your group won’t try to grab on to you!

Are children allowed?

--We do not recommend Haunted Hornet for anyone under the age of 10. We will NOT ALLOW INFANTS or any children being carried though the event. There are no special prices for children. You know your child best, so please understand that we cannot offer refunds for those too afraid to continue (this includes children AND adults).

Are pets allowed?

-NO! Due to the nature of our event, pets of any kind are not permitted.

Can I go in if I’m pregnant?

-We DO NOT allow pregnant women. This is because the atmosphere is intense and also because of the unpredictability of the guests within your own group, as a member of your party may jump back into you if they were to get scared. With the dark, narrow corridors of our attractions, including the steep ladders you are required to go up/down. We have made this decision in your best interest.

What if I have other medical conditions?

-Our events are not recommended for visitors with heart conditions, are prone to seizures or are in general poor health. We also cannot recommend our events for those with mobility difficulties, such as casts, braces, or wheelchairs. We reserve the right to determine if you are allowed to enter the event for safety reasons.

Are you handicap accessible?

- Due to the historic nature of the ship, The Haunted Hornet is NOT ADA Accessible.

Will there be food and beverages at your event?

-The Fantail Cafe concession stand may be available for service on weekends for those waiting in line or who have finished the event. No food or drink is permitted through the event. On select nights, food trucks may be available throughout the evening. We do not serve any alcohol.

Can I print a coupon from your website?

-No, but we are partnering with several Alameda Point businesses that will have discount coupons available! (TBA)! Make sure to like us on Facebook for even more deals!
*Note that coupons are not valid for online tickets unless they have a promo code listed.

Can we win tickets?

-Yes! We will be doing social media ticket giveaways, as well as our partnering radio stations will have contests and other opportunities to win tickets!

Can we take pictures inside the events?

-WE DO NOT ALLOW ANY RECORDING DEVICES OR PHOTOGRAPHY OF ANY KIND NSIDE OUR ATTRACTIONS. Using your camera flash disrupts the feel of the event, and more often than not hurts the patrons and other actors’ eyes who have adjusted to the darker surroundings. Also, the use of fog and strobe lights usually ruins the photos you make try to take inside the event. If we see your camera/cell phone, you will be asked to put it away. While no photos or video is allowed inside the events, our monsters roaming the open areas of the ship or pier may pose for a picture or two.

Can we wear our Halloween costume?

-You may wear your costume, however NO weapons and any large props/ accessories will be allowed, so please leave those items in your car before you enter. If your costume is offensive or contains nudity, you will not be allowed admittance.

If I get too scared, can I get a refund?

-Sorry, No Refunds. Our haunted attractions are supposed to be scary. If you get too scared before being able to go all the way through, that means our monsters are doing their job!

Is it scary?

-Yes. Why don’t you come see for yourself?

WAIT! I still need more information!

-Please email CUSTOMER SERVICE with any other questions you may have regarding the event!

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